It was dark.  It was still.  Movement began about 3:25am as everyone was rising.  Most of today’s travelers had decided to sleep in their raspberry-colored Mission t-shirts and pants to make it easy upon rising  😉

Suitcases were weighed on last time and there was a little adjustment for weight to assure all were under 50 pounds…so, there will be a few exchanges of items upon their return at MOHTown this evening.

Everyone exited NiCasa by 4:30am and they were on their way.  You should have received a text when they arrived back in the US to assure you they were on ‘home’ ground.

That left Stew, who didn’t have a flight until 1pm, as well as the remaining 6 PREP Team members: James, Joy, Sally, Paul, Megan and myself. Frankly, we went back to bed and caught another 1 or so of sleep!

We were all up and at ‘em by 6-6:30am as we had much to do.  Shutting down takes less time than setting up, but it is important work.  Oscar and Chico arrived abut 8:30 to join us in assisting with the mattress storage.  They worked with James and Paul to restore the unused water jugs to storage, too.

About 10am, Oscar headed into the airport with Stew, so we dwindled to 6 remaining.

Paul and Chico headed to the school in Barrio Solano and fixed the door to the School Kitchen – and were back in an hour!

Chico returned and assisted with the suitcases of laundry for Mabel.

Many inventories were completed including the Items Needed for Next Mission.  Sister will be sending out this information in an upcoming News & Notes, so please watch for it.  These items will allow our July Mission to run as smoothly as Mission #71 did.

It is now 3:15pm.  Most everything is done except for the accounting and typing of the inventories.  So, I shall get to those and to the thousands of pictures later today preparing the flashdrives for those who wanted them as their souvenir album.

Mission #71 should come to an official close about midnight when the PREP Team arrives back in Plattsburgh.

Remember, applications for July must be postmarked by Thursday!

The Mission’s work is never-ending…and that allows each of us impacted by the work done in the States as well as in Nicaragua to grow, learn and serve.  Our work begins anew tomorrow.