I confess that I feel incredibly blessed to be born in the month recognized as the International Month of Women and today is the specific day of remembrance.

I dedicate this reflection to all the women in my life, around the world, who inspire me.  And I thank the men in my life, who rise and stand tall with women, honoring them and supporting them as they “find their voices and stand in their truth”.  I especially send this out to our orphan girls in our Nica orphanages who have been traumatized by the choices of others…

Five years ago, the UN project gathered women from all over the world and wrote and released the song, ONE WOMAN….

Now, more than ever, we need to be reminded of the words of this song, so here’s a sampling of the lyrics:

We are one woman, you cry and I hear you
We are one woman, you hurt and I hurt too
We are one woman, your hopes are mine and we shall shine.

Though different as can be, we’re connected you and me
We are one woman, your courage keeps me strong
We are one woman, you sing, I sing along
We are one woman, your dreams are mine.

From every corner of our world, women suffer, women rise, women are suppressed, women make choices, women take a breath and lift their voices.

We are called to speak the truth, to teach right, and one man, at a time, stands and rises with us!!

At the end of this reflection, I will provide the youtube link, so you can hear this song again, with fresh ears and with renewed courage and HOPE!.

And I ask you to pray especially for the young female victims of our world, who are raped in the ravages of war, who are thrust into the throws of sexual or physical abuse.  (Just this past week, I was heartbroken to learn that some of our young orphan girls have been forced back into horrific living situations.)

Maya Angelou had 10 rules for courage and success as a woman:

  1. Just do RIGHT
  3. LOVE
  4. LAUGH
  7. Recognize that YOU ARE TALENTED
  8. Learn to SAY NO
  9. Always DO YOUR BEST

That is my hope, my dream, my prayer for every woman…and it is my prayer that men will continue to rise up with women!  And fellas, make a special effort to honor the women in your life today!  Here’s the link to the UN song, ONE WOMAN:


So, live and be HOPE today and everyday.  Have a blessed International Women’s Day

Sr. Debbie Blow