The Mission of Hope is continuing to monitor the situation in Nicaragua very carefully, weighing whatever information we can obtain via social media, official US government sites, NGO and CROPP emails, direct conversations with our partners and personnel on the ground in Nicaragua, etc.

The Mission will always err on the side of caution where the safety and security of our US volunteer travelers, as well as our personnel on the ground in Nicaragua, is concerned.

Be advised that the Mission of Hope Leadership Team will make an official decision regarding the May/June and July Mission trips no later than May 16, 2018. At that time, if it becomes necessary to cancel our trips, we will attempt to work with the airlines to negotiate deferred tickets and/or a deferred group credit to the Mission for a later Mission trip. In the interim, we will work with our volunteers to provide deferred tickets or refunds, the airlines in negotiating a just decision regarding tickets, as well as the individual needs of our travelers and volunteers.

Again, it is most important that all our volunteers and partners be assured of our commitment to the safety, security and timely decisions that will impact all of us. Once again, we ask for your prayers and support for our brothers and sisters in Nicaragua.