First and foremost, the unrest in Nicaragua is of grave concern to all of us who have family and friends in country. We are being assured by our personnel that all is calm and somewhat normal in the barrios where our facility is located, yet it appears that the unrest is spreading.

Several of our programs will experience temporary interruptions depending on availability of our personnel (such as our doctors) to get from Managua to our clinics or our food to be delivered to the 24 schools we sponsor due to the closure of all schools, banks, and businesses throughout the entire country. The violence increases and the US Government has ordered all non essential embassy personnel to leave the country until their safety can be assured.

We are being kept abreast of the fluid situation as best can be at this time and will monitor the situation carefully as well as what, if any, impact it will have on our upcoming Mission trips in May, June and July. Our highest priority has been and always will be, the safety and security of all our volunteers as well as our Nicaraguan employees and families who supervise our programs in Nicaragua. We ask for your prayers for a quick and peaceful solution to the violence and unrest.