The socio-political situation in Nicaragua continues to deteriorate.  Our discussions with our Administrative personnel in Nicaragua and our many NGO partners (non government organizations) provide our most up to date assessments.

Recently, the US National News Outlets carried one or two brief blurbs and/or articles about the increasing unrest and violence.  We would also direct you to a site, for regular daily articles about the most recent developments.

Two such recent published articles which will address much of the most recent concerns are:

These two brief articles, among many others, detail the present atmosphere and dangers unfolding in Nicaragua.

Blockades and other issues continue to prevent shipments of food, as well as our medical and education equipment and supplies.

However, we are most pleased to inform you of the following:  Through the diligent efforts of our Feeding Program Coordinator, Carol Herring, we’ve been able to obtain enough food to continue feeding well over 6000 children in our sponsored schools.  YES… 580,000 meals of rice, soy and vegetable blend, which was obtained through one of our NGO partners in the country of Nicaragua, will be enough to satisfy our feeding program needs through the end of 2018.  This is wonderful news and one more example of our ongoing networking efforts with our partners who share common goals of service, hope and compassion to the poorest of the poor. (Please note that out of an abundance of caution, we will not be naming our NGO partners so as to protect them, as well as our Nicaraguan personnel in light of the above article detailing a new law enacted this week by the Nicaraguan government).

From the outset of the North Country Mission of Hope, we’ve always strived to serve those in greatest need, with our primary focus being the extremely poor of Nicaragua, our hemisphere’s second poorest nation.  In addition to those efforts, we’ve always assisted with local, national and international disaster areas, as/when able.  To that end, we are nearing a final agreement in order to ship containers of disaster related supplies to Puerto Rico, again through our NGO partners.  As soon as that agreement and the logistics are finalized, we will reopen MOHtown (Mission of Hope warehouse). And of course, once shipments can resume to Nicaragua safely, we will do so.

As always, with your support and prayer, we will continue to serve those in greatest need with a spirit of HOPE, Faith and compassionate loving kindness, as and when we are able.