As promised, here is the next pictorial that I promised to share.  But here’s the truth about this particular pictorial…this 38 second video literally just showed up on my computer today.  I even asked my Tech Guru” if he somehow added it to my videos and he says no.  Multiple times during the night, I woke up, trying to decide which picture I’d send to you as the pictorial of the week…..guess someone far wiser and greater than any of us, was in control.

So, I’m assuming I’m supposed to “answer the call” this morning and share this in order for you to see a brief glimpse of the hope and joy the Mission of Hope shares with those who live on the edges as well as our Mission travelers and supporters…like YOU!  I kid you not…this stuff happens to me.

So, thanks for being HOPE to us so we can share hope with others.  Click on this link and I’m hoping you will be able to view.  It’s worth the 38 seconds, I think…and if you watch closely, you will see various projects in action as well.  Get ready to SMILE!!AhSNl07BgPElgahJCVe-OCndAU8xng

Sr. Debbie Blow, OP