As you know, there are never any shortages of disasters.  The images coming out of Oklahoma, Missouri and other parts of our midland, are so sad.  Thousands and thousands are being impacted by this current rash of terrible weather, and as is often the case, many lives are shattered, scattered and torn.  HOPE is sometimes the greatest blessing we can offer to those who are enduring such suffering.   And, as you also know, the Mission of Hope does what it can, where and when it can.

We have key contacts in both Oklahoma and Missouri, areas very hard hit by record breaking tornadoes and flooding.

In Oklahoma, we have a Dominican Sister of Hope, a Dominican Associate and an Associate in training, all who live and have ministered there for many many years.  Sister Mary Ann Cirillo , Betty Martin and Hope Koehn are quite close to some of the worst flooding and tornado issues in El Reno area.  Here is what Sr. Mary Ann recently shared:  “The town of El Reno is about one hour from Canton (where she lives). Many Cheyenne and Arapaho tribal members live there, and about four families lost their mobile homes in the park there. However, not only tribal members, but others also lost homes there. I will contact those in the El Reno area to ascertain who would need assistance at this time. So many others have lost homes to flooding in Kingfisher, OK. Our Cheyenne and Arapaho sisters and brothers also live in the Kingfisher area.”  Sr. Mary Ann, Betty and Hope will personally be involved in overseeing and distributing any funds received.

In Missouri, we  also have a former Mission traveler and long time supporter who is near some of the worst devastation in that area. I expect to hear back from her within a day or so. However, in the interest of time, I wanted to get this email out to all of you.

Sr. Joan Chittister says  the following:  “Those who truly seek God become more sensitive to the rest of the world because they become daily more like the God they love, the Spirit that energizes them.”

If you would like to contribute anything to these two disaster areas, please make sure you flag your donation  with “Current Fund Raiser”.  We will facilitate getting your monetary donation directly to those most impacted and without a lot of delay.  You can Venmo a donation, drop off cash at our office or send a check with a memo with the details or go to our website and use PayPal or Credit card.  Please note that with Venmo, cash and check, we receive the entire amount donated and are able to pass the entire amount on to those in greatest need; whereas with Credit card or PayPal, there is a fee charged to us to use that service but these are still viable options for you as well.

Let us continue to pray for one another and most especially, those most directly impacted by these disasters.

Sharing HOPE with those who need it the most……

Sr. Debbie