There is so much unfolding in all our lives. In just the past week, I’ve celebrated a 60th Jubilee with my best friend, Sr. Stephanie, and reconnected with friends and colleagues I hadn’t seen in years.  There were numerous tearful moments as I watched wonderful people shower their love, affection and gratitude on Sr. Stephanie and there have been a number of truly funny memories shared as well.

We’ve had another highly successful Mission Golf Tournament which assists us in feeding 6700+ children every day.  And there’s been deep appreciation for all the hard work, time and energy needed to pull off such an event.

There’s the impending death of a faithful supporter and the prolonged medical struggle of a much beloved mentor of mine.  There’s been the joy of watching my little great niece and great nephew as they discover life as it should be at ages 1 and 3…and….

Yes of course, there’s the sadness that seeps into my heart as I listen to the evening news, or the frustration that comes from longing to return on Mission.  There’s the ever present list of “to do” items before I take an end of summer break and there’s the annoyance at myself and my imperfections as I had my first ever panic attack in a dental office.

All that and much more in just one week.  I suspect your week has also been filled with “life” events and challenges and invitations as well.

Therefore, I wanted to share a song with you that I listened to this morning.  It’s a song that is both comforting and reassuring.  Its words remind us that we are already in the heart of our God and our God (our Source of all Being) is in us as well.  Please listen to the link below…I’ll also include the lyrics as I find them quite powerful and worthy of revisiting with or without the music.

Lyrics to Follow Your Heart’s Desire by Jan Phillips

Follow Your Heart’s Desire
Tune into what it feels.
It leads to love alone,
It knows the way to heal.

Spread kindness everywhere
Give more than what they ask,
You’ve come to light the world,
Your power’s unsurpassed.


“What you have seen me do,
you, too, can do and more,”
so said the holy one,
who lives forevermore.

The Power’s in your hands
The light is in your eyes
The love that holds you up
Causes the sun to rise.

Heaven is where you live
Holy is what you are
The fire inside of you
is inside every star.

You and the Source are one
You needn’t look above
It’s all inside of you,
You’re breathing pure love.

The new is being born,
The light is breaking through,
The very one you seek,
is in the heart of you.

Perhaps in the coming days, we can reflect on the “power” within… the power of kindness, the power of light, the power of love, the power of HOPE that is within each of us.  Blessings to each of you… live and be HOPE today and everyday.

Sr. Debbie Blow, OP