Good afternoon everyone,

Typically, in my pictorials, I try to show “life” as it is…and to show “hope” as well.

Unfortunately, the attached three photos are pics from our Nejapa clinic in Nicaragua which suffered ruin last week during the torrential downpours.

The 3 attached photos which reveal the depth of loss in our Nejapa clinic.  All medicines (photo 1), most equipment and even the walls, chairs, table and floor are ruined (photo 2 and 3).  It took many years to renovate and supply this village clinic as an extension of our larger clinic in Chiquilistagua, Nicaragua.  The clinic supplies essential services to the villagers who live in some rural, remote and very poor areas.  Some of the patients who are served there, suffer from debilitating illnesses and require monthly meds, etc.  All of that is gone.  And for this to happen at a time when we cannot ship the equipment or supplies into the country due to the sociopolitical upheaval, makes our tasks even more difficult.  But we’ve climbed mountains before…..

We do have some emergency funds but we will need more especially as we redo our Nejapa clinic and also reach out to those who suffered damage in their areas and homes.  We all know the trauma and medical issues that can creep into a village suffering a major natural disaster.  They are marginalized and poor and thus, limited if any, options….and the Mission of Hope’s services are essential to their having a lifeline of HOPE.

Everything we do as a Mission, which serves the poorest of the poor, often places us in a position of vulnerability.  As we serve the vulnerable, we are also, by the very nature and locations of our services, also vulnerable.  While the clinic is not a home, it is a life support for so many who depend on it for access to medicines and services in their remote area.

I invite anyone who wishes to contribute to the repairs and replacement of medicines, essential equipment, and to assist the extremely poor who have lost what little they had,  to write Nica in the memo section of your check.  Or Venmo the amount and write Nica as well.  You could also call our office and leave a credit card donation as well.

Hundreds and hundreds of our volunteers spent hours and hours ocer many mission trips, helping us to “create” this service site and I’m sure you share the sadness and disappointment that we feel.  But remember, HOPE is who we are and HOPE is what is called for now, more than ever!  I have shared your kind words of support and prayers with our people in Nica.  Keep those prayers coming…

And live in HOPE- today and everyday.

Sr. Debbie Blow, OP