Many of us are familiar with this theme from the Scripture book of Ecclesiastes 3:1.

This Scripture passage has a timelessness to it as well as the unique ability to be timely in every aspect of our lives.   So, it is a most appro­priate passage as the Mission welcomes a new staff member (Michelle Besaw), and as we embark on a much needed and welcomed aspect of the Mission of Hope’s journey.

Sr. Joan Chittister says it this way, “ The seasons of a life are a series of interlocking experiences that, in the end, bring wholeness, breadth of insight, layers of meaning, truth.”

Within the Mission, as well within our personal lives, we are constantly being invited to new seasons- seasons of nature, seasons of relation­ships, seasons of life and aging, seasons of ……so many things.

On behalf of our Mission of Hope Leadership team, the marginalized poor whom we serve in a myriad of ways, and our donors who sustain the services of the Mission, welcome to the Mission of Hope family, Michelle.  I welcome you and invite you to open your heart and use your many gifts and talents to assist us in bringing HOPE to those we serve.  May you be guided by the “heart” of Mission service. There is a season…and the time is now! 

In fact, may we “all” be guided by the heart of Mission service as we strive to live and be HOPE!