Our Mission’s Accomplishments

  • We’ve constructed approximately 400 home shelters in Nicaragua.
  • We currently educate 512 students on various levels from Pre-K to University to adult job training.
  • We feed over 612 children every day at Colegio Nino Jesus de Praga in Chiquilistagua and at the Mother of the Divine Son School in Nejapa.
  • We support 11 healthcare facilities outside of our own locations. In addition, we facilitate the distribution of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of donated pharmaceutical supplies via Catholic Medical Mission Board, American Nicaraguan Foundation and Caritas.
  • We have ongoing ECO training programs and continuing efforts to foster sustainable development on many levels in Nicaragua.
  • Sister Debbie Blow, a co-founder and Executive Director of North Country Mission of Hope, travels all over the US and Canada to give presentations on the Mission? These presentations plant many seeds, including perspective donors, future travelers, ways for organizations, churches and communities to volunteer and sustain their support of the Mission, and other ways we might not even know about! Feel free to contact us today about visiting your organization or place of worship.

As a spiritually-based humanitarian organization, the North Country Mission of HopeSM is committed to fostering hope and empowering relationships with the people of Nicaragua through sustainable programs in education, healthcare, community and ecological development.

The North Country Mission of HopeSM began in 1998 as a direct ministerial response to the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Mitch on the impoverished villages of Chiquilistagua and Monte Verde in Nicaragua. The first mission team immediately recognized that direct, long-term assistance was vital in order to improve the lives of the people. Working hand-in-hand with local community leaders, the Mission’s primary objective is to empower the people to help themselves through Orphan’s Hope Project, ECO, Education, Community Development and Healthcare projects. In addition, by enlightening the area student and adult missioners to the conditions and needs of the poor, we are able to bring about changes in our own communities.


Our Partners and Contributors

The Press Republican has been a tremendous supporter of the North Country Mission of HopeSMsince our inception. Every year they feature the February mission trip with daily stories and photos with additional features in detail on their site, www.pressrepublican.com. During our summer trips the newspaper will include pre-mission and post-mission information while posting daily photos to their web site. Throughout the year the Press Republican reports on major events of the mission keeping the residents of the North Country informed on the progress of various mission activities.

We would not be where we are today without the generous support of the Press Republican. Please support the Press Republican any way you can and please let your neighbors know the great service they provide The Mission and other local organizations.