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Container is on its way! – August 23rd 2018

Good afternoon everyone,

I am most pleased to inform you that, today, a new page was turned in the Mission of Hope’s long list of wonder-filled events.

Today, we loaded and shipped our first ever container to Puerto Rico, partnering with some of our NGO partners, to assist those who continue to be devastated from Hurricane Maria almost a year ago.And YES, we networked until we could confirm and assure that our items would reach their destination as well as insured they’d get to those in greatest need, a piece that is always in place before we ship!

All of this was done by an amazing group of volunteers who encountered a number of glitches, procedural changes and much more.  You see, depending on the country and what the need is, we have to adapt our packing, labeling and shipping procedures to meet the needs of those to whom we ship as well as various Customs regulations, etc.

Today, we had 24 volunteers come to our warehouse bright and early, to cart and load items on a 40 foot container.  There were 490 items, weighing 14, 700 lbs.   These items focused on disaster and recovery relief efforts and contained huge amounts of clothing for children and infants, school supplies and basic survival and health care items as well as medical assistance aids such as walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, commodes and much more.

I would be remiss if I did not thank our very faithful MOHtown volunteer team, which seems to keep growing weekly as well as all of you- contributors of the supplies, as well as the donors who assisted in paying for this shipment cost.

In the midst of all the flexibility, changes and challenges, we were all reminded to remember WHY we do what we do.  Our primary task is to share HOPE with those most marginalized and poor, while empowering those in need.  And as always, our containers are filled with LOTS OF PRAYERS AND BLESSINGS that we send to those who will receive these items on the other end.

Indeed, it was a wonder-filled day here at Mission of Hope….and I personally thank you for your ongoing support on so many levels.

Stay tuned for more info on what day we will actually reopen the warehouse.


Sr. Debbie Blow

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