Working hand-in-hand with the council and various government, non-governmental and faith-based agencies, the mission’s primary objective of empowering people is realized through a wide variety of ECO, education, community developmenthealthcare, and orphan projects. We plan and develop the entire mission’s projects jointly, determining the areas of greatest need, and shaping the mission projects and trips to meet those needs.

A Dual Mission to Unite both “Worlds”

The mission has dual objectives. The first is to assist and empower the people in our mission communities in Nicaragua. The second is to educate and enlighten young people and adults to the plight of the poor in Nicaragua and throughout the developing world. Both objectives are of equal importance and are central to the success of the mission. We believe that through this duality we can begin to affect change in both the developed and underdeveloped worlds. To accomplish these objectives, the mission trips are comprised of high school and college students, as well as a widely diverse group of good-willed adults. Students form about half the group, while the other half is comprised of medical, educational, technical, and business professionals.