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Our Programs

The Mission of Hope serves locations affected by natural disasters statewide, nationwide, and worldwide. 

We have served: Nicaragua, California, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Puerto Rico, Ghana, Madagascar, Philippines, Bahamas, Haiti, Ukraine, Northern New York, and wherever needed!


We believe all people deserve to live fulfilling, happy,

healthy, and safe lives regardless of location.


We believe all people deserve to live fulfilling, happy,
healthy, and safe lives regardless of location


Approximately 29% of children in Nicaragua finish the mandated six years of schooling. Our education programs are designed to lessen the financial burdens that prevent the poorest of the poor from remaining in school by offering tuition assistance and money for necessary school supplies and mandated uniforms. These educational opportunities are provided for Pre-K through secondary education.

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Group of people holding boxes
Doctor with stethoscope and child smiling at the camera

Health care

The Mission Clinic serves a rural, underserved population and is open six days a week. The clinic provides General Medicine, Women’s Health, Psychological Health, and Eye and Dental Care services. If not for the Mission Clinic, most people in the area would have no health care services.

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Our school feeding program provides a daily meal to over 6,500 students during the school year. For some, it is the only meal they have that day. Beginning in the COVID-19 crisis in 2020, we have also funded an emergency feeding program for families facing food insecurity issues. Through these initiatives, the Mission provides over 1,500,000 meals a year.

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Group of people distributing a large stock of food to people waiting in line for help
children playing in a school yard on grass

Orphan's Hope

With funds provided by our generous donors, the Mission works with four disadvantaged orphanages in Nicaragua. The children are provided with healthy food, medicine, and an education.

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The Mission has provided Shelter Homes to over 775 individuals and families with no place to live. These modest and affordable homes offer security and shelter for families that had none and, more importantly, give them a home to call their own.

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Home framing going up and people hammering it into place
People working on ecological sustainability projects


The Mission provides individuals and families with energy-efficient stoves, latrines, moringa seeds, and community gardens. Through our Bee Project, we also offer an income opportunity to some families with the training and equipment necessary to raise bees for honey. These projects improve the lives and health of those we serve and help protect and enhance their environment.

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Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can donate:


In Person

Join us in person to help with local activities that have an international impact.


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

Skills & Ability

Use unique skills like grant writing, social media management, organization to do good from your own home. 

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