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  • Kimberly Cummins

News & Notes - Sister Debbie's Reflection on This Hungry Woman

"The elderly woman is holding her monthly allotment of food. I've attended funerals of little ones who died from lack of food and nourishment. I've visited a nursing home in Nicaragua where abandoned elderly were cared for because their families could no longer feed them.

"Even though I grew up very poor and we rarely had a choice of food, we still had something to Mom saw to that. And every one of these experiences together compels me to reach out to you with an urgent request.

Members of Mission of Hope standing around items to be donated to those in need

"James (our Executive Director) and I were on a Zoom with our Administrators in Nica last week and the plea for food echoed over and over and over. At present, in addition to the thousands of children we feed in the schools, we have been feeding almost 800 infants, toddlers, elderly and children with severe special disabilities. Included in this list are also 70 street children, abandoned for a variety of reasons, who come to the convent in San Rafael each day for a meager lunch.

"I firmly believe with God, all things are possible and you've proven time and time again, that your hearts are full of hope, compassion, and generosity. So, I humbly come to you (with James' blessing) and ask you to help us close the gap for this urgent need. I come to you with open hands, on behalf of those who have no voice.

Here are 3 suggestions for ways to contribute without feeling an overwhelming pinch:

  1. Donate the funds from one coffee or latte per week...that's a conservative $4 x 52 weeks would be $208.

  2. Do a soup meal once a week during Lent which begins tomorrow and donate what a full meal would have cost you.

  3. Save all your "change for children."

Whatever you can give this Lenten season will be another meal or two for those who are the most vulnerable.

Please identify your check, Venmo, or Credit card donation with the words Emergency Food.

We continue to be blessed because of YOU.

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