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Currently we conduct two week-long trips (in February and July) to Nicaragua with groups of 25-40 people of various ages. Our “campus”, which we call “NiCasa”, can house up to 55 people and is located in the Barrio of Chiquilistagua, not far from the capital city of Managua. Our youngest missioners were 14 (high school age) and our oldest were in their early 80’s.

We also conduct “mini-missions” throughout the year which involve a smaller group of missioners who come to Nicaragua for a specific project.  Some examples of past mini-mission groups are;

  • A nursing team (teachers and students) from Sherbrooke University in Quebec come for 3 weeks and conduct clinics at local hospitals and clinics.
  • A group from Lamb of God Church in Florida come for a week in January to oversee ECO projects such as water filter distribution, rocket stove demonstrations, and community garden training for local families.

We work in more than 11 barrios near our compound in Chiquilistagua, as well as hospitals, orphanages and other organizations in Managua, El Crucero, Diriamba and Leon.  Our reach is far and the need is great!

Many of our missioners describe going on mission as one of the greatest experiences of their lives. It is a profoundly spiritual journey. The deeply-felt emotions of joy, sadness, sorrow, hope and despair constantly intermix throughout the week, leaving most on the verge of tears at the moment of departure. For most missioners this is their first real encounter with the many faces of poverty. We live and experience the life of the people of Nicaragua, by working together with them in a wide variety of projects in schools, medical clinics, hospitals, orphanages, and disability centers as well as building homes. We aren’t spectators, we are missioners with a calling to assist our brothers and sisters to live a life of dignity.