Mission of Hope Ministry at Lamb of God Church

The Mission of Hope ministry at Lamb of God Church in Estero, Florida began as a focus mission in 2010.  Since then there have been five missions with a total of twelve adults traveling to Nicaragua from Lamb of God Church.

The people of Nicaragua through the North Country Mission of Hope continue to be blessed by the generosity and compassion of the Lamb of God community.  During these past seven years, Lamb of God Church has partnered with the North Country Mission of Hope, and provided support through Mission of Hope projects in the areas of education, healthcare, ecological and community development.

Did you know that:

  • 12 adults have traveled from LOG to Nicaragua with the Mission of Hope during the past seven years
  • 8 LOG families and our Thrift Store sponsor the education of 20 children
  • 11 home shelters have been provided
  • Education supplies have been purchased for a preschool through our “Pennies for Preschoolers” project
  • Toys have been given by our Sunday’s Cool group to children in homes, orphanages, schools, and hospitals
  • An irrigation system has been provided to assist in growing food on a farm where developmentally disabled young men live and work
  • A kitchen has been donated for a school to provide lunch for 8 adults and 176 students to have a hot meal once a day
  • Safe stoves were designed by members of LOG and 345 families now have these stoves built by Nicaraguans
  • 801 families now have water filters providing safe water because of LOG families contributing to the LOG Alternative Christmas Water for Life Project

Thank you Lamb of God

For more information about the Mission of Hope ministry at lamb of God Church and how you can become involved, contact Judy Charland at 518 -225-1902 or visit the Mission of Hope website at ncmissionofhope.org or Mission info at lambofgodchurch.net