The North Country Mission of Hope SM is a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation committed to fostering hope and empowering relationships with the people of Nicaragua through sustainable programs in education, healthcare, community and ecological sustainability and by supporting local, national or global areas impacted by disasters and poverty.

Disaster Relief option- Shattered, scattered and torn

As you know, there are never any shortages of disasters.  The images coming out of Oklahoma, Missouri and other parts of our midland, are so sad.  Thousands and thousands are being impacted by this current rash of terrible weather, and as is often the case, many lives are shattered, scattered and torn.  HOPE is sometimes the greatest blessing we [...]

Pictorial #6: There are faces I remember

I’m sure you’ve heard the song with these words: “There are places I'll remember, All my life, though some have changed, Some forever, not for better, Some have gone, and some remain. All these places had their moments With lovers and friends, I still can recall. Some are dead, and some are living In my life, I've loved them [...]

This is a short 23 second video of dozens of locals doing a meal packing event in Managua.  30,672 meals were packed and will be used to feed thousands of children in our Feeding Program at the schools.  Funds for the event were provided by Dominican Sisters of Hope Ministry Fund.

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Color Run 2019

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