Have you ever told someone ,or perhaps yourself, tomorrow…I’ll do it tomorrow?  I tend to be a person who can’t wait till tomorrow and most of the time, that’s good, I believe.  But, during the nights, many nights, when I should be sleeping, I lay there and think of this person or that person, telling myself that I really must remember to email or call or send a note, letting them know of my gratitude, or prayers or whatever.  Then, as is often the case, I hit the ground running the next day, get swamped with daily expectations and demands, and those good intentions are moved down the “delayed” to do list.

I wish it weren’t that way.  I wish I had more time in my day, but then I also truly pray that the people who need my prayers the most, can somehow sense they are being surrounded with my good wishes, thoughts and prayers.  Yet, there is a piece of me that wonders if I could have done more, been more efficient, etc. etc. etc.  Have you ever been in that zone of regret or wishes not fulfilled?  I suspect I’m not the only one.

Sr. Joan Chittister says this about tomorrow:  “The gift of tomorrow does not come complete.  Tomorrow is the gift we are given to create for ourselves”.

So, therein lies the gift, the challenge, the promise and sometimes, the regret.  And it’s never been said that any of us are perfect nor has it ever been proven that every tomorrow will be perfect.  So, in my own imperfect humanity, I strive to honor the gift of tomorrow, while always looking for ways to make life better for others, to be a better version of who I’m called to me and to also not wish my life away!

And as is often the case, there is a long list of “to do” items on my desk and in my heart.  Thus, I will keep this reflection brief.

As we walk today’s journey, may we also never forget that “tomorrow is the gift we are given to create for ourselves”..and whenever possible, make sure others are included in the gifts of our tomorrows.

Live and be hope today, tomorrow and always.

Sr. Debbie Blow, OP