As mentioned above, Sr. Pauline was a beloved friend and mentor whom I met on Sabbatical in 1995.  Many, many years ago, when she was alive and healthy, she composed the following prayer for Elections.  Her words are eerily appropriate today.  I share her prayer in loving memory:

“Servant Leader God,
Be with us and guide us when we elect our civil leaders.

Inspire us to recognize leaders who promote inner values-
Values of integrity, truth, justice, and compassion.

Guide us to choose leaders who are willing
To collaborate with other leaders
That together, they may seek the good of all nations.

Direct us that we may call forth servant leaders,
Committed to truth, not deceit;
To peace, not violence;
To life, not destruction;
To “power with”, not domination.

Let us call forth leaders committed to bring hope to all people,
That we may restore our wounded world to a true community of equality and peace.

We ask this in the name of Jesus,
Model of true Servant Leadership.  Amen.”

Pauline’s words were, and, are prophetic!  They are ever old, but ever new! Rest In Peace, Pauline and may you intercede for humanity from your eternal resting place!

Live and be Hope today and everyday.

Sr. Debbie Blow, OP