Good afternoon everyone,

This past year, for the first time, we’ve been able to network with another NGO in Nicaragua and through joint efforts, we are now sponsoring 10 Nicaraguan farming families, who in turn, are providing us with the rice we need to prepare food packs for ONE MILLION meals annually.

The efforts as revealed through the attached 3 photos, show the sustainability we are striving for, as we support training of local farmers, seed, equipment and processing from field to market to table.  This is a tremendous leap forward for us and for the farming families as well as the 6700+ children being fed in 24 schools.  And this is especially crucial in a country plagued by corruption and sociopolitical instability as well as increasing natural disasters worldwide. This helps us to stabilize our nutritional feeding program for children and families in great need.

Imagine doing a whole field of rice harvesting by “hand” or imagine the joy of a farming family who now is being trained and can pass on the skills to the next generation in the family and imagine the hope of this farming woman who is being empowered and is now able to not only feed her own family but to assist in feeding another 1,000,000 children through our Farmers and Food Sustainability Program.

Source of Food and Source of Hope- Yes, HOPE lives!

Sr. Debbie Blow, OP