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News & Notes - Mission 74 - Day 3

Updated: Feb 16

Good morning everyone,

Before I share James Carlin's summary of yesterday's mission service, I'd like to share a couple thoughts from Karen O'Brien, one of the missioners in Kentucky.  There is an attachment with a couple of photos as well.

A.  Here's Karen "in her own words":

"Lots of thoughts have been percolating from our first-day experience.  There was great spirit movement in the group, servant hearts pouring out hope and love.  For me, I was humbled to be there as I saw the extreme poverty and the blessing our hands were creating.  At the same time, reflections on my life had my heart filled with thanks to God and a knowing I am called to serve him more, especially when Dixie the homeowner gave me a strong hug and thank you.  

The group is a perfect group fit.  Yesterday, Dave F. and Ron were amazing heroes with their taping and mudding skills.  I believe we accomplished more than the CAP leaders anticipated."

B.  Here's James' summary of Tuesday's unfolding:

"The day began with a hot breakfast of CAP breakfast potatoes, sausage, and eggs cooked by Betsy.

 We met up with Clarence and John along Rt. 30 in Tyner, and they led us into the day's work site.

Today's project was the addition of a new deck and access ramp for Agnes, who had just undergone a medical procedure that left her needing more accessible access to her home. Unfortunately, Agnes had complications that required that she be admitted to the hospital, so she was not on site today. We hope to see her tomorrow. Her brother watched over the house and our work crew.

Although he was very quiet, he did seem to get a kick out of some of the antics, as we would catch a smile and laugh every once in a while. We were kept entertained by Clarence and John and got to meet their boss, Brian.

The work kept all of us busy for the entire day. We framed most of the ramp and even got the decking down on the main deck. We still managed to have a great deal of fun together. We will be headed back there tomorrow to finish up and then back to work on Dixie's house.

We returned to the Mission house where Carrie was back and had prepared Taco Tuesday.

We all settled in for a quiet evening as everyone was exhausted from the work and the fresh air. We did get time to discuss the day, and what a wonderful time we had."

C.  And in Dave Fuller's own words: "We got a lot done, and everyone was able to contribute their talents in service. It was beautiful to see."  

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