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News & Notes - Mission 74 - Day 5

Mission 74 Day Five

Continued Building an access ramp and deck for Agnes and Deck and railings for Dixie

Home of Agnes Dunn and Dixie Wilson

Tyner, KY

Emergency Ramp for Medical reasons and porch railings and backdoor porch

Supervisors– Clarence and John

four members of Mission of Hope, Peru, NY smiling at the camera wearing warm clothing

We got to meet Samantha (Sam) at breakfast this morning. She was our third and final house supervisor. Sam had volunteered at CAP for several years before she became an employee about six years ago. CAP seems to draw heavily on prior volunteers, which must be an excellent screening process, as all the employees we’ve met have been wonderful ambassadors for CAP and what they do and stand for.

Seven members of Mission of hope standing on a wheel chair ramp they built during their mission trip to Kentucky

We started at Agnes’ house again this morning. John and Clarence had us working as a well-oiled machine as we began day five. The balance of the spindles and railing caps were constructed. We were picked up and on our way to Dixie’s house by 11:30. After lunch, David, Karen, Sally, and Kathy worked with Clarence to put the railings and spindles on the front porch, which had been constructed earlier by a team from Notre Dame University, Ron, Dave and James worked with John to start the small porch off the back door. 

Another photo of 7 Mission members standing on the wheel chair ramp they built while smil

When the work on the front deck was finished, we packed up all the tools and equipment for the last time and went on a road trip to Flat Lick Falls, a local public day camp and RV park, to see a beautiful waterfall. It was a lovely little spot tucked up in the woods and an excellent way to wrap up the week of service.

 CAP has a tradition that on Thursday evening, crew leaders, families of projects being worked on, and the CAP supervisor all have a community meal together. Unfortunately, Agnes was still in the hospital, and Dixie was unable to make the 40-mile trip from her home. We did get to share our meal with Sam, John, and Clarence. We talked about family, life at home, service, faith, and friendship and had a wonderful time.

 Our last official task on the trip was to get the house in order, clean up, and make the house ready for the next group. Karen oversaw the punch list, and all seven worked to knock out the tasks in about an hour.

 We spent the next hour or so visiting and reminiscing about Mission 74. 

One by one, everyone said their goodnights and headed to bed to rest up for the long trips home. Kathy and Dave went to the east coast of Florida, Karen went to see her mom and sister in South Carolina, and Ron, David, Sally, and James went to Peru.

 We met again at 5:15 a.m., did the final clean-up, and headed to our destinations.

 As Sister Debbie used to say: "Every Mission is different. When we leave the site, it can never be repeated." However, we all take the Mission home with us in our hearts and memories, so while Mission 74 has ended, our Mission is only beginning. We now take the lessons, love, community, and memories back home, where we honor those we served and served with by sharing our Mission within our family and community.


Update: We all left Kentucky at about 5:45, and everyone made it back to their destinations safely. Thank you all for your prayers.

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