While our hearts have been and always will remain with those in Nicaragua — especially during such a dangerous and heart-wrenching period — we are now finding ways to also redirect some of our tangible donations and our thoughts to those in need elsewhere.

The Mission’s continued efforts in Puerto Rico have led to shipments soon to be delivered to the areas of great need in Puerto Rico.

Venezuela, veterans, others in need both locally and regionally, and victims of wildfires and hurricanes also remain in the forefront of our efforts to “serve the poorest of the poor”, which has been our mission since the Mission of Hope began.

In addition to being able to serve those in Nicaragua through our ongoing programs and projects, we also direct our support to these areas in need, both on a global and national scale. Thank you for your patience, your time, and the donations you so generously provide in assisting us to serve with hope and compassion.

— Mission of Hope Leadership